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Using What If Analysis

What If Analysis is a tool that uses historical data to visualize how changes to your workflow would have impacted your outcomes. 

Step 1: Navigate to your workflow

Determine which workflow you would like to improve results for e.g. your onboarding workflow has too many entities going to manual review and you'd like to decrease that number.

Step 2: Click "What If Analysis" on the top right toolbar

Step 3: Follow the instructions in the panel to start using this feature on your workflow

Further explanation of the steps in the panel

  1. "Make sure your new workflow is saved"
    • To save your workflow, exit the What If panel and click the "Save" button on the top right corner of the toolbar
  2. "Start running evaluations through so we can start collecting data"
    • In order to properly analyze your workflow, we need adequate data!
    • We need at least 2 live evaluations sent to the workflow version being edited; sandbox evaluations are not supported.

Step 4: Start using What If!

Change a threshold on any existing data source, click "What If Analysis" in the top navigation to open the panel, see the change you just made and click "run analysis" button!

Things to note

  • Does not work with additional data sources (e.g. can't add Blockscore to your workflow and then run what if analysis)
  • You can remove data sources 
  • We will run up to 500 random evaluations

How to read your results

  • Black bar = current rate for each outcome
  • Purple bar = What If rate for each outcome
  • Evaluations run = how many evaluations were run through this analysis out of how many evaluations you have total that have ever run through this workflow
  • Bold percentage above an outcome indicate percent change for any deltas

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