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What are Alloy Tokens?

(Please note that the PII shown in this article is fictitious and used for demonstration purposes only.)

Alloy tokens anonymize the PII contained in your dashboard, and they allow you to safely and seamlessly refer to a customer and their evaluation (application) outside of the dashboard. The tokens are uniquely generated for each entity, evaluation, and more!

Different types of data have different token prefixes. Below is a list of the token prefixes and their corresponding data type:

'P-' = entity

'R-' = review

'S-' = sandbox evaluation

'L-' = live evaluation

'D-' = document

'G-' = Alloy Group

Entities represent individuals or businesses ("the customer"), and they can be associated with one or more evaluations (the summary and results of an entity's application). Reviews are manual decisions or outcomes (e.g Approved, Denied) that can be applied to an evaluation. Documents can be uploaded to an evaluation or entity, and groups can represent joint applicants. 

This article will focus on where to find tokens for entities and live evaluations.

Live evaluation tokens begin with L- and can be found on the Evaluations page as well as on evaluation summaries, as shown in the examples below:

Entity tokens begin with P- and can be found next to the entity’s name on the evaluation summary or entity summary, as shown in the examples below:

To fully expand the token text box, hover your cursor over any token and select the arrow icon:


To copy tokens to your clipboard, hover your cursor over any token and select the paper icon:

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