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How to Add Agents to the Dashboard

Users can be added as agents to the Alloy dashboard by navigating to the “Agents” tab within the Settings page.

To access the Settings page, expand the menu on the left of the page by selecting the  icon, then click “Settings”: 

The Settings page can also be accessed by clicking the  icon before the menu is expanded (shown above, located in the menu on the left). 

From the Settings page, select “Agents” from the sub-menu:

A form, “Invite New Agent”, will appear:

The user’s first name, last name, email address, and phone number must be provided before clicking “Invite”. Additionally, the user’s phone number must be formatted to include dashes (e.g 212-555-1234). Once this is done, click “Invite” to send an invite email to the user:

The invitation will expire after 72 hours. If a user needs their invitation sent again, return to the Agents sub-menu in Settings, locate the user in the Agent list, select the icon, and click “Resend Invitation”:

If the user has accepted their invitation, it will be reflected in the “Status” column:

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