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Understanding the Review Queue

Alloy’s Review Queue is a list view of evaluations that have been flagged for manual review. 

To access the Review Queue, simply click the  symbol in the upper left, then click “Review Queue”:

In the Review Queue, there is a list view of all pending evaluations (“evaluations” are customer applications) that have been decisioned for manual review:

To review an evaluation, click “Start a Review” (located in the top right corner). This will bring you to the oldest pending review:

To select a specific evaluation for review, search by entity name or token, or by evaluation token, then click on the downward-facing arrow under the Applications column and select “Review”: 

Specific evaluations can also be found by utilizing the search filters:

Clicking on a drop-down menu, such as “All Applications” or “All time”, will reveal the search filter options for the Review Queue.

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