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How to Assign Agents to a Role

Role-based permissions allow teams greater functionality around managing permissions. Agents assigned to a role will inherit the specific permissions assigned to that role.

To access the Agents Settings page, click the  symbol (located upper left) to expand the dashboard menu, and then click “Settings”. After navigating to the Settings page, click on “Agents”:

From the Agents Settings page, select an agent by hovering your cursor in its section (the agent’s section will be highlighted in gray when selected):

Click on the highlighted area to reveal the selected agent’s permissions settings:

Click the dropdown menu under “Role”, then select the role that will be assigned to the agent:

Once a role has been assigned to an agent, their permissions will be updated instantly. Previous permissions assigned to that agent will be overwritten by the role’s permissions. 

Unassigning an agent from a role will roll back their permissions to its previous state. For example, if an agent did not have any permissions granted prior to a role assignment, then the agent will not have any permissions when the role is unassigned. 

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