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How to Manually Run an Evaluation

The function “Run an Evaluation” is found on the Evaluations page - this is the home page when logging into the Alloy Dashboard. 

If located elsewhere in the dashboard, click on the “>” symbol located in the upper left to expand the menu of pages. Once the menu has been expanded, click on “Evaluations”:

On the Evaluations page, select “Run Evaluation” (upper right):

After clicking on “Run Evaluation”, a form titled “Run New Evaluation” will appear. Select the “Application Type” and Application “Version” that will be used to decision the evaluation: 

In the fields below, input the applicant’s information. Continue down the form, filling out the fields when applicable (some fields are marked as optional):

Before running the evaluation, confirm the Evaluation Settings. To view the Evaluation Settings, click on the + symbol next to the “Settings” header (shown below).

The Evaluation Settings allow you to refresh cache (1), run the evaluation in a sandbox (2), or sandbox specific data services for the evaluation (3). See descriptions below:

Refresh Cache (1): If the applicant’s data has been decisioned using Alloy workflow “X”, and another evaluation has recently been run with the same data and workflow, then Alloy can use the cached service data for the evaluation (note: cache is not available for all data sources). By selecting “Refresh Cache”, you will clear the cached service data for the evaluation you are running. It is also important to note (and consider) that cached service data is deleted after 30 days. 


(2): By selecting “Sandbox”, the evaluation will run in a test environment. 

(3): You may also sandbox specific data services for the evaluation. This will run the selected data services in sandbox mode. 

Lastly, after adjusting any applicable settings and reviewing the applicant’s information, click “Run Evaluation”. If the evaluation has been run successfully, the message below will appear:

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