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How To Create an Allowlist or Denylist

Please note that all PII shown are examples and for demonstration purposes only. 

The Allowlist and Denylist are Alloy services that can be used to automatically approve or deny evaluations based on one or more input PII elements. In order for this service to work as intended, the Allowlist service or Denylist service must be added to a workflow and the Allowlist or Denylist must contain PII. 

This article provides instructions on populating your organization's Allowlist or Denylist with PII (individually and bulk). To add the Allowlist or Denylist service to a workflow, please contact

Your organization’s list (allow, deny) can be accessed and managed from Settings:

You can add entities to either list via (1) CSV import, or (2) the Add to List feature on evaluation summaries. 

1. CSV Import  

In Settings, a CSV file of your list can be imported:

Once “CSV Import” is selected, a menu will appear (shown below). In this menu, choose the CSV file to upload and select the matching header columns of the CSV file. The spreadsheet must be formatted as shown in Alloy's guide on formatting and preparing your CSV file for upload. If the spreadsheet is improperly formatted, the CSV upload will fail. 

Once the CSV file and columns have been selected, click “Import” to upload the list. 

Please note that the option to replace the current Denylist (shown above) will overwrite your current Denylist (or Allowlist if you are uploading to your Allowlist), including individual identity elements added from Evaluations pages - this cannot be undone. To add identity elements to an existing list, click “Import”. 

2. Add to List on Evaluation Summary

Identity elements (e.g DOB, SSN, Address) can be selected and added to your organization’s list by clicking on the “Add to List” button (upper right) from an individual Evaluation or Entity page:

Once “Add to List” has been selected, a menu will appear (shown below). In this menu, indicate the list that will be used (1), select the identity elements that will be added (2), then click “Add to List” to make the additions (3):

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