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How to Access and Manage Permissions

The Alloy Permissions setting allows the administrator to manage the actions (view, edit, delete) that an agent can make in the dashboard. 

To access the Permissions setting in the Alloy dashboard, click the symbol (located top left) to expand the dashboard menu. 

Locate and click “Settings” in the dashboard menu:

On the Settings page, select the “Agents” option from the Settings menu:

Once “Agents” has been selected, a list of your agents (active and invited) will appear. Hover your cursor over an agent to highlight the row - click on an agent to reveal the list of permissions for the selected agent:


Permissions are organized by category (e.g Applications, Versions) and are highlighted in gray. To hide or reveal a permission category, click the gray banner:

All agents will, by default, have all permissions enabled. An active permission is indicated by a blue checkbox filled with a white checkmark (). 

To revoke an active permission, simply click on the checkbox adjacent to the corresponding permission (e.g Agent can delete Applications). To revoke permissions by category, click on the checkbox adjacent to the corresponding category (e.g Applications). 

It is important to note that permissions are updated in real time - a confirmation appears at the top of the page whenever a permission is granted or revoked:

To permission read-only access for an agent: review each category and revoke any permissions whose description does not begin with “Agent can view”.

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