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Denials and Reviews in the Sandbox (Sandbox Personas)

Negative Testing with Sandbox Personas:

Sandbox Personas allow you to coerce specific service responses out of the sandbox environment. The default behavior of the sandbox environment is to approve every application that it receives. By using Sandbox Entity Tokens to trigger flags in our workflow, we can trigger Manual Reviews and Denials. 

Click the Gear icon to access the settings menu. 

Click Sandbox Values to access the Sandbox Personas menu. 

Click Add Persona to add a new token. 

Click Add Sandbox Value to Persona to add a value to the persona.

In the above example, we're working with an account that will trigger a Fraud Warning (which will lead to a denial) if the IDAnalytics ID Score is above 850. If

the evaluation has an IDAnalytics ID score of 900, it will trigger the Fraud Warning and Denial case. 

Click Add Identifier and create a mock SSN to trigger the sandbox value, which would be passed in the body of the call to /evaluations as shown in the example below.

    "name_first" : "John",
    "name_last" : "Smith",
    "document_ssn" : "000000001",
    "address_line_1" : "41 Elizabeth St."
    "address_line_2" : "St. 501",

Finally, click Save Values to make the persona useable. 

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