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Evaluation Page: Search and Dropdown Options

The Evaluation page contains search and dropdown functions which can be used for filtering Evaluations.

Search Function:

The search box located directly under the page title can be used to search: entity names, entity tokens, evaluation token, or applications. As shown here:

What are these elements?

  • An entity name is the name of an individual or business who has been run through an application
  • A token (entity token) is a uniquely assigned value for each individual or business who has been run through an application
  • An evaluation token is the uniquely assigned result value
  • An application is the particular version of decisioning workflow used to evaluate the entity

These elements can be within the rows below the search and dropdown functionality: 

Dropdown Function:
Beneath the search box are dropdown options for filtering across dimensions such as outcome, time, application and tags. As seen here:

These parameters allow for the following filter options:

  • Environment (which environment an evaluations has been run in)live or sandbox
  • Archive state* (whether an evaluation has been archived or not): unarchived or archived
  • Evaluation outcome (what the end result of an evaluation was): Approved, Denied, or Manual Review
  • Tags (what custom tags may be linked to an evaluation; these will depend on how your Alloy account is setup) such as: Address Matched, Address Mismatch, Address Risk, Address Warning, Approved, Approved No Warnings, Bankruptcy Flag, Chargeoff Flag, Company Name Verified, Credit Approved, Denied Fraud, Denied KYC, Denied WPP, Device Warning, DOB Mismatch,
    Email Risk, Email Warning, FEIN Document Required, FEIN Unmatched, Fraud Risk, Fraud Warning, KYC Address Match, KYC DOB Match, KYC Name Match, KYC SSN Match, Negative Credit Flags, OFAC Pass, Phone Match, Phone Matched, Phone Partial Match, Phone Risk, Phone Warning, Positive Credit Flags, Reason Codes Warning, Representative Match, Total Trades 24 Mo, Tradeline Age Flag, Vantage Score Pass
  • Timeframe (when the evaluations were completed): From 15 Minutes to All Time
  • Application types (the different applications your company has, these will depend on how your Alloy account is setup) such as: Account Takeover Check, Business Checking Account Opening, Business Research, Business Watchlist Scan, Call Centre Pre-Screen, Canadian Consumer Application, Consumer Background Check, Credit Card Account Opening, Credit Card OAO, Current Best Practices Application, DDA Account Opening,
    Email Risk, Existing Customer DDA, High-Risk Sanctions Screen, Manual Review Example, Savings Account Opening

* Evaluations cannot be deleted but archiving will remove them from search results and analytics.

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