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Welcome to the Alloy Dashboard

The Alloy Dashboard is a visual display of the Alloy decision engine and supporting tools used for identity verification. 

Alloy Overview

When a customer hits submit on their application, Alloy begins its process via API. The applicant’s data (typically name, address, DOB, SSN, email address, and phone number) is run through selected third party data sources, which are previously customized by Alloy's client with just a few clicks in the dashboard. Then, based on these aggregated data source results, a decision is made instantly on whether the application is approved, denied or sent to manual review. All this happens in the Alloy Platform within a few seconds, and the decision as well as the data behind the decision is made fully transparent and remains logged & auditable.

Every part of how these decisions are made is entirely customizable. The data sources that are used, the order in which they are run, how decisions are made and rules applies, and much more are transparent and configurable, with just a few clicks, in Alloy’s web-based dashboard. 

You can see a full demo of this functionality here. For API documentation, please go here.

Alloy Dashboard Overview
When you sign in, the Alloy Dashboard homepage will look like this:

On the left panel, you'll find:

  • Evaluations: Contains a list of all the individual evaluations run in your account.
  • Entities: Contains a list of all the entities that have been evaluated and their linked events. 
  • Review Queue: Contains all pending evaluations awaiting manual review.
  • Applications: Contains all workflow versions.
  • Settings: Contains account information, reason codes, tags, outcomes, review reasons and more.

Find out more about each of these in the following articles. 

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